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Dinosaur Dad on Authority

dinoAuthority….an ultimate example of a Dad’s love.  I read an article the other day that stuck with me, alright, I had to write it down but it IS worth remembering…”The custodian of order is authority”.  Now, if you think about the opposite of order, you might say chaos or confusion.  When you become a dad, a Father, you automatically gained a certain authority AND responsibility.  The responsibility to raise good, respectful, happy children and the authority to do so.  But, your authority is NOT an iron hammer, it’s more like thinking in terms of “right tool for the right job”.  Your dadly authority is like a screwdriver in your toolbox and if you’re going to raise good kids, you have to take the tool out of the box and use it.  when was the last time you saw a dad (or mom) in the store or at a Summer event and the child is yelling about wanting another corndog or the latest sugary cereal.  Dad, with a kind, gentle voice says, “now junior…just give me a minute and I’ll get you what you want, now please calm down.  See, that’s chaos and confusion.  Now, taking the authority screw driver out of the box…or maybe int this case it IS a hammer…and using the right way, (not stooping to screaming) but with a good , firm authoritative voice dad might say “well until you can learn to talk to me with some respect, you get nothing…in fact, we might just go home right now” (and be prepared to do just that!  Dadly authority can seem harsh if you’ve never taken it out of the tool box.  Clear, Consistant, structure, administered by a loving dad…now that’s authority.

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