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Dads In The Kitchen

Dad in the kitchen…or…”Is something burning?!”

The grill outside is a “Dad’s Domain”.  Fathers seem to be just natural cookout kings.  Maybe it has to do with that hunter/provider thing,  a raw piece of meat, fire…very Davy Crockett-ish.  But, what about in the house, in the kitchen?  Lots of guys are raised to think that cooking inside is the mom’s job.

My dad liked to cook, but only when my mom was not home.  I remember when he decided to make donuts!  He skillfully put the ingredients together on one side of the kitchen, deep fried on another side then carried the grease-dripping donuts clear across to still another area to drain and add powdered sugar!  Needless to say there was grease on the floor and flour and powdered sugar everywhere else.  One thing about it though…..those were really good donuts.

Even if you aren’t ready for the cooking channel, charing time in the kitchen with your children can be a very positive experience.  Chef Ali Barker is the Chef at a high class hotel in St. Joseph, Michigan (overlooking the lake, about 90 min. out of Chicago…beautiful!).  He is not only a great cook, he is also the father of 2 boys.  You might think that since he cooks for a living that Chef Barker wouldn’t even have a kitchen in his home!  However, he is quick to point out the benefits of getting in the kitchen with your kids, no matter what level of expertise you have.

“Even if you are putting together a boxed cake mix, the idea is that you’re doing and learning together.” says Chef Barker, “…so what if you make a mistake, laugh, and learn how to make it work!”  Once you get to a finished product, the family can taste your project and what a great memory you will have of the time you spent together in the kitchen.

Chef Barker also takes note of the fact that, as the Dad, you can use the kitchen and dining together as a way to connect and teach a little class.  He says, “…how cool would it be if you all sat down together for this meal that you made together and made it into an event?  Jackets for the boys, dresses for the girls and a candle in the middle of the table!”  Your daughter will like how nice and pretty everything is and your son will see how young men act in a formal situation.  Not to mention the pride of knowing they helped make the meal with their dad!

Meals together are important and every effort should be made to eat them together as a family.  Meals can become even moreimportant if you get in the kitchen (experience or not) with your kids.  Let them see that you’re not afraid of something new.

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