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A Father’s Job Loss

Job Loss & Coping At Home….(excerpts from an article written by Kevin Nelson

Many fathers face questions from their worried children when the loss of a job hits home. Getting laid off or losing a job has an emotional impact as well as financial. It affects your self-esteem as a man and your position as “Head of the Family”. There is no reason to sugarcoat what happens to a guy after losing a job. It’s like getting slugged in the gut! You stagger and maybe fall. You may not have seen it coming. You may have been told your job was safe and now you feel betrayed. The good news is these feelings can eventually pass, if you can just find ways to move ahead in your life.

How difficult the adjustment is depends on who you are inside and the type of job you had. Money will obviously be a concern. How much you share with your children about your financial situation depends on their age and level of understanding. But, even if you wanted to, you can’t your whole situation, after all you are around the house alot more. One father interviewed for this article stated that he didn’t go into much detail because he didn’t want to worry them…”I mean they’re only young once…why make them nervous?”. Nevertheless, children are curious about what their fathers do and will worry. This may be a chance to talk with them and really rally the family together!

Doing with less is not the end of the world. The obvious goal is to have the loss of a job affect your family as little as possible. There is a big difference between doing with less and doing without. And don’t forget that there are unexpected benefits to being home at times when you normally would be at work. One unemployed father told about his daughter who, after losing her junior class election for secretary, burst through the door in tears. Dad was the one who was home to hold her and comfort her.

Things will be o.k. if you can just get over the hump. Let’s face it…losing a job stinks! But, if you can steer through those rocky times, you and your family will be alright…you’ve always got each other! Job loss causes misery and hardship, but it can represent an opportunity to re-evalutate and emerge stronger. Sometimes losing a job is the best thing that can happen.

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