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Steve Pickering always knew he wanted to make films and documentaries and even commercials!  After going off to “film school” (sounds like fun huh?), Steve met his future wife, Cameron and they shared a love for taking life’s grand moments and special events or stories, and getting them on film (or digitally now) so the story could be told.  After they got married, Steve realized he really wanted to create this magic on video with his now wife….and soon to be family.  Steve said in a recent “Radio Dad” interview, “We always agreed that we wanted Cameron to be a stay at home mom and would do whatever it took and I would do whatever it took as a father, to make that happen.”

Steve and his wife now make up “Drywater Productions“, a video company producing web video for various companies, documentaries, commercials and Steve even has a couple of screenplays in the pipeline….whatever it takes move along down the road of dad-preneuer-ship!

Steve is dad to two small children and I asked him how it was working out. He said, “It’s kind of tough to balance being a dad and at the same time, focus on running Drywater Productions.  Especially if I’m knee deep into a job and the kids are wanting a little daddy time, I really want to stop and just play for a while, but I have a deadline to keep.”  Steve said that a dad who works from home really has to keep in mind that just because you’re home doesn’t mean you can stop work whenever you like and it’s important to stay on task.

Work/family/home life are all things we dads have to keep in balance, but it’s a bigger challenge for the dad-preneuer who chooses to work at home.  Steve also said that an advantage to having a video production business at home is being able to use their vintage, 1800’s house as a “prop” and fantastic on site location….plus putting his kids in videos!  Are you a Dad-preneuer?  Share your story…and challenges with us here.

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  1. Great write-up Mike! It was great hanging out with you here and we’ll definitely keep you posted about our upcoming short film projects!

    Keep up the good work and thanks again!

    -Stephen Pickering

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