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“Courageous” the movie is #1 on DVD!!!


Late in 2011 we were all treated to perhaps one of the best movies about being a dad in a long time.  The film was “Courageous” and while it did not get huge press, it did connect with dads and is now out on DVD.  I just saw the numbers and “Courageous” is the top renting movie ahead of “Moneyball” and “The Ides of March”.  You, most likely won’t see much of “Courageous” at the Oscars, but that doesn’t matter to guys who want good, thought provoking, action packed entertainment that doesn’t turn dads into bumbling goofballs who only fart and drink beer or are portrayed as work-a-holics out of touch with their families.  The dads in this film are not perfect….just like you and me!  Are there challenges for the characters in “Courageous” to over come?  YES…that’s the point.  “Courageous” unapologetically shines the light on a group of dads who are all police officers and deal with issues of family that you and I face and the dangers of their job, and how they creatively handle those challenges to a successful conclusion.  Lot’s of twist and turns, action and yes even emotion (guys can have some of that too).  Click the link below to visit the movie’s website, watch the trailor, etc!!!!


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