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This “Cold” House!…Building a Snow Fort, Cave, Igloo

While it has been a relatively mild winter for those of us used to a lot more snow this time of year, we HAVE had a storm or two that has given us enough time to partake in one of winter’s funnest, dad/kid activities….BUILDING A SNOW FORT!  I took the opportunity this past weekend to do just that, after a brief but plentiful snowfall (which has all but melted now only a day later).  We dads, being grown up boys, never really lose that feeling of adventure in building a snow fort or cave and having a good old fashioned snowball fight.  My girls, on the other hand, prefer to play as if our snow fort wasn’t a fort at all but a castle or a humble home in the woods.

When the kids asked if I could help them build an igloo, I went into daddy designer mode.  We grabbed some buckets (usually saved for a day at the beach) a small cooler (Igloo brand…..perfect don’t you think?) and the sleds.  I also started to think of ways to enhance, some would say cheat , our fort and make it easier to build in a short amount of time because it also happened to be “date night” for my wife and I which only happens once every couple of months or so…I wanted to get finished fairly quickly.

So here are a few steps to making a good snow fort, cave, castle, house.  By the way you can go to this site for some more tips:

1) Use tools like buckets, small coolers for making blocks, if the snow packs, you can roll your building blocks into shape (just like for a snowman), small wires or saws come in handy to cut bigger blocks.  You can also find chunks of snow in the pils of snow left behind by a plow (DAD!  Make sure you help the kids and watch them closely when gathering snow chunks near the road)  SAFETY FIRST!

2)  You can keep a spray bottle of water handy in order to stick the snow blocks together.  Remember on a winter day, water turns into ice mortar.

3)  Pack snow into the buckets and coolers to make blocks of snow and begin stacking them one on another.  Make bigger blocks or find bigger chunks and put them on the bottom for stability.

4)  Yes you can cheat or enhance (unless you’re a purist) as we did by using existing structures to build from.  We used our swing set as in the picture.

built around our swing set

We cheated a little by using our swing set....but it is COOL!

You can also use a porch or deck or even patio furniture.

5)  I like cut windows in after the entire structure is finished, but of course, you can build them in as you go.


Have fun!  Do you have other tips and tricks?  Post you pics of your own snow fort!

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