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Texas Dad says “I’m Not A Hero, I’m A Father…It’s What Fathers Do”!

This is a re-post from the National Fatherhood Initiative.  “Radio Dad” is the official radio show of NFI. (click here to go to the NFI website and see the article)

A Texas family avoided tragedy last Thursday thanks in part to the heroic efforts of a man who happened to be walking near their burning home while on break from work. Joe Gutierrez was taking an afternoon stroll when he saw a house engulfed in flames. Gutierrez then heard a woman screaming for help to save her babies still inside. Bravely, Gutierrez entered the home and risked his life to assist the mother.

“I had to go back and find the baby,” said Gutierrez to KWTX. He was able to rescue three babies from inside the home just before firefighters arrived to extinguish the flame. Upon their arrival, Gutierrez went back to work with little fanfare. In fact, Gutierrez thought so little of his actions that he didn’t expect the accolades.

“People asked why I didn’t stick around,” Gutierrez said. “I just did what I had to do. I didn’t think about being recognized.”

The Nieto family certainly recognizes and appreciates Gutierrez for saving the children. “I don’t even have the words to appreciate [him] enough,” said Abraham Nieto.

Gutierrez remained humble, even after days passed before the Nieto family was able to shower him with their appreciation.

“I’m a regular guy,” he said. “I’m not a hero, I’m a father. That’s what fathers do.”

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this story! We appreciate it!

    Also, love the hoodies!

    D.L. Chandler

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