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Dads & Kids Hiking….ANY Season!

I was fortunate enough to grow up in a VERY picturesque part of Northern Illinois, along the Mississippi River. I grew up hearing about THe Blackhawk War and Abe Lincoln and could actually go to places where chief Blackhawk and Honest Abe walked. There was (and is) a State Park just to the North a couple of miles from my home town, called the Mississippi Palisades State Park. Folks would drive for miles just to camp, fish, picnic and hike there. Climbers would venture West for 2 hours, from Chicago to climb and repel off the great bluffs that line the Mississippi and are in the State Park. I too loved to hike those trails and camp at the park, and it gave me an appreciation for the outdoors. I have to chuckle when I hear people speak about seeing a Bald Eagle and think to myself that we saw those all the time in my neck of the woods, along with vultures soaring high above the cliffs that tower over the highway that runs between the park and the railroad and river, waiting for roadkill. So, now I love to take my own children out to experience the solitude of nature and show them that being outside isn’t always about playing “Capture The Flag” and “Hide and Seek”. Take a look at this video I shot recently while out enjoying a late spring snow, with my kids. By the way, it’s my daughters, Therese & Maria, running the camera…pretty good I think. So what are your memories of the great outdoors or where was your latest excursion?

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