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Here’s the NEW Radio Dad PODCAST (Episode #3)

Just finished with producing our latest podcast and getting it loaded to Soundcloud!  In this episode we talk with “The Lyin’ Tamer”, Janine Driver.  Janine is a body language expert and has worked with the FBI and CIA on interrogation techniques and she’s appeared on Dr. Oz and Fox News among many others.  Janine talks with Mike Austin about knowing and recognizing the body language your child displays when telling you a lie.  Also, Mike has another dad-preneuer!  Doug Bacon is a dad who needed a better way to get through the airport with small children…his invention?  THE Tote-A-Tot!  Download and enjoy this latest Radio Dad podcast!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

2 Responses to “Here’s the NEW Radio Dad PODCAST (Episode #3)”

  1. Sandra Palomares says:

    Hi cousin, love your show, very interesting. I hope all is well with you and family!! Love, Sandy

    • radiodad says:

      Thanks Sandy! Please tell your friends to check us out here. I’m trying to build the base. The kids all say HI!

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