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Get Away From The “Culture of Casual”…Dads show your sons this vid of Tim Tebow….he dressed up….not down.

I just watched this video of Tim Tebow at his press conference with the Jets. Notice he dressed up for the occasion. Dad, if you’re tired of watching your sons and even daughters show up for special events dressed like they’re ready for a day at the park or beach or like they just don’t care because “it’s comfortable” or “this is ME” or “I don’t like to get dressed up”. Think about most sports figures even the play by play and commentators on TV, they’re all dressed well…not because they can afford it but because it makes a statement that “what we’re doing is worth it”. Of course, it’s up to us to set that example too. So dressing up from time to time isn’t “putting on airs” or acting like “I’m better than everyone else” …it’s actually a sign of respect for the event and the people involved! Take a look at this video1

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