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Tap into Your Inner Tarzan In a Treehouse!

When I was a kid, seemed like we all had some sort of a fort, an away place we could pretend to be superheroes or fighting off the enemy… some of our dads did in Korea, WWII or Viet Nam.  These “forts” were usually just some scrap wood and brush, stacked, nailed and piled up to make a shelter of some kind.  A few of my friends went the extra mile to create and build treehouses.  Now keep in mind these were the days before giant home improvement stores with entire sections of outdoor, pre-fab, easy to construct, playhouses and forts.  I had one friend who had a really cool treehouse that he and his dad designed and built together.  I admit I was a little jealous of that thing and we all tried to spend as much time as we could in it (we even formed a little club).  Looking back, I don’t think I was jealous of the treehouse, but, the fact that he made it with his dad and the time they must have had putting it together.

The need for a fort, shelter, treehouse is, I think, intrinsic for boys.  It appeals to our sense of adventure, our need to protect a territory, our drive to construct something with our own hands.  Whether you make a fort or treehouse to be so elaborate that one could actually stay overnight in it or just nail, screw, and tie some wood together, it’s an activity that a dad and his kids especially sons) should endeavor to do at least once.  the idea is not so much how elaborate the place can be, but to create together and even make some mistakes and then learn about learning from mistakes and the idea of try, try again!

These days there are even companies that will custom design a treehouse for you and build it!  Some of these things are COOOOOL!  They come with electricity, running water and more!  I think these types of treehouses are meant to be almost a guest room1  I’ve included a few links here to some websites about building a treehouse… favorite is the first from Popular Mechanics.  My dad used to get their magazine in the mail once a month and I couldn’t wait to see the various plans and articles in it.  So find some ideas here then take a weekend and build that treehouse Tarzan!!!

Popular Mechanics

Stiles Designs

Treehouse Guides

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