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Mike Talks With Pat Campbell About Dads, Coaches & Sportsmanship!

With Summer on the way, youth baseball and softball has already started. we here and read stories every year about dads who get way too aggressive in the bleachers. From yelling at the umpire to openly criticizing the coach to flat out yelling and over coaching their sons & daughters from the stands, dads (and some moms) can get carried away. These actions, I have to believe, come mostly from dads trying to get the best experience for their son or daughter, but sometimes it can come from a need to live their own youth through their kids or from just being over aggressive and forgetting that if their children are embarrassed, it will ruin what should be a great opportunity to make memories and just have fun. Watch this video and think about how you want to be seen by your kids and the other adults around you and the example you set.

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