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My Dad, My Greatest Influence & Entrepreneur

This is a guest post from Tracy Taylor (see her info. below)….Thanks Tracy!


My dad was my greatest influence and truly my favorite person in the whole world. Growing up, he always made me feel special and let me help him on various projects around the house. He was a dreamer and had an entrepreneurial spirit. He lived by the motto, “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. In my adult years, we built several businesses together and he always encouraged me to be an entrepreneur, like him. He passed away in 2004 and every time I start a new project I think of him and wish he were here to encourage me to push forward.

Because of my relationship with my own dad and the influence he has had in my life, I always encourage dads to spend quality time with their children talking to them, encouraging them, dreaming with them and helping them see the possibilities around them. The memories you make with your children are priceless! Giving them the confidence to go out into the world and be creative is a gift that will keep on giving! Who knows you might even find that they will want to go into business with you as well!

Are you a dad-preneuer at heart? Create a tradition your child will love!

Here are four steps to get started now!

Step one:

Find a small project. 

Step two:

Encourage your child to help you with the project. Make them feel needed. Build their confidence.

 Step three:

Let your child do some of the work. It’s not about how good they do, it’s about your teaching and

guiding them to do it by your side. Practice makes perfect.

Step four:

Be fun, uplifting, encouraging and then be sure to praise them for their participation and for completing the task.

Good luck dads, the ball is in your court. Too often, in the world of parenting, dads get left out. So here we’re encouraging you to let us know how you’re involved in your children’s lives and how you’re encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit. Please share!


Tracy Taylor, CEO and Founder

My Turn Your Turn


My Turn Your Turn was founded in 2011 to share positive parenting tools, improve communication between co-parents and provide a platform for families to organize dates, expenses and important court documents. Visit us today for more tools and tips on how to be the best co-parent you can be.

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