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NEW!!!! Radio Dad podcast episode #7- “The Arcade Kid” & “Heart Of A Dad”

Welcome to the latest Radio Dad podcast.  This is episode #7 and here I talk a little about the report about teens drinking hand sanitizer to get a buzz!!!!  Also, The 9 year old in L.A. who made an arcade out of cardboard boxes, Caine Monroy, obviously has to have a dad who is a dreamer and who gudes and encourages this young man and I talk with George Monroy here!  Then it’s an interview with Allen Krehbiel, (here’s Allen’s website), the Denver based musician who just released his CD about being a dad, “Heart Of A Dad”.  BY THE WAY……“Like” radio Dad on Facebook and we will give away two “Heart Of A Dad” CD’s to two lucky subscribers.  Listen away and thanks for listening!

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