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75 Things She Loves About Her Dad!

When I was asked by to write a blog about what made my dad special I thought back to a gift my sister gave our dad on his 75th birthday. My mom had held a big birthday party for him that year and hosted over 100 guests in our family restaurant in New York. It was one of the last times we got together and he couldn’t have been happier to see all the friends and family members that came out to celebrate.
My sister, Terry Ann created her “75 things I love about you” for my dad and it was his favorite gift that day. Three short years later he passed away. Although he had a special relationship with each of us, I think we would all agree that the list included all the very same things we loved and admired about him.
I hope you will enjoy my sister’s list and consider the things you love and admire about your own dad or anyone in your life that is special to you. Can you imagine being a child and receiving a list from your father about all the things that make you special to him? Perhaps you can even share this exercise with your child and have them create a list for you and you for them.

75 things I love about you…

1. Everyone was always welcome in our home
2. You settled arguments without violence
3. You gave hugs and kisses
4. You said, “If you’re sorry, you won’t do it again.”
5. The way you said “maybe” or “we’ll see”
6. The way you always picked Miss America at the beginning of the show
7. You always spoke up and shared what you believed, giving us the strength to do the same
8. Sought refuge in the Bible, at the passing of your mom and dad
9. Making sure our friends shared all we had
10. Always made time to talk… and talk… and talk…
11. Always said “let’s go for coffee,” anytime, anyplace, any occasion
12. The way your eyes glisten with affection when you are telling someone about us kids
13. Your skill with a level, and another, just to be sure it’s level!!!
14. The way you said contentedly “that’s my girl”, “that’s my boy”…
15. The way you raised four ambitious kids… very ambitious
16. You instilled in us the values of honesty and hard work
17. The way you lead by silent example of your character and wisdom
18. You have always given everyone the benefit of the doubt… Even when you knew they need to tell you the truth
19. You always make sure the news is on and we are informed
20. When disappointed, you simply say “Honey, I’m disappointed in you”
21. The way you always made sure I got to the roller skating rink
22. You’re always willing to take a chance… and another… and another…
23. The way you trained cats to act like dogs
24. The way you disciplined us with love and compassion.
25. You always accept collect calls at all hours of the night
26. The way you set goals and achieve them, and then set new goals
27. The way you make other people’s lives better, just the way your father did before you
28. You let us know you were human and that we were too
29. In your success you showed us that we will succeed too
30. You have shown us that we can fail and not be a failure, and we can succeed, but to be humble in our successes, and to share both experiences with the people we love
31. You always made vacation time, “family time”
32. I will always admire your skill at keeping a car running, and running…
33. I love your smelly feet – at a distance of course!!
34. You made sure we always had the latest… Whatever it was
35. Facing adversity head-on without the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco
36. Making those drives to Florida as “quick” as possible
37. Always comforting us with, “we will get through this”
38. All of your accomplishments at Bell, though few knew how important your role was
39. You’re still at coaching basketball; they wanted to win with you
40. All the time he spent explaining “math” to me
41. Being consistent in your thinking about life
42. Always sharing your struggles and solutions with us
43. The way you stressed that family IS family
44. Wanting better for your family, not just the average or mundane
45. The way you rushed to help, especially when Cadet Chemical went “kaboom”
46. Your sense of excitement at good news
47. The way you were still doing acrobatics on the living room floor, when other fathers had stopped years before
48. You always encouraged us to stand on our own
49. You search for solutions when others would give up
50. You have always taken our stress upon yourself, so we didn’t face it alone
51. Even when you disagreed, you still listen to other points of view
52. Thank you for never waking up grumpy
53. You always believed that all things are possible
54. The look in your eyes when you took me to college
55. The pride you showed at my college graduation
56. The tears in your eyes when you gave me away
57. How you always took time to listen to all of my ideas
58. The way you always praised us kids, even when we didn’t deserve it
59. Accepting time marching on, and re-evaluating how to face the new challenges
60. You’re punny witt
61. For not saying “someday this will all be yours, “but rather sharing everything every day
62. For living today, forgetting yesterday, and keeping an eye on tomorrow
63. Having the tools your friends were always looking to borrow -but occasionally returned
64. Being a good friend and neighbor, showing us by example how to give
65. You’re puzzling puzzles
66. Facing your fears, to keep us safe from ours
67. Saying, “I’m sorry,” wasn’t easy, but you did it if you KNEW you were wrong
68. Watching you work on the pool
69. You always had a solution to any problem
70. Your compassion for animals
71. Facing disappointments, being broken hearted, and still having the love to -try again
72. The way your gray hair is so-becoming
73. Your selective hearing, making sure you hear the good things
74. You provided for our family a loving home
75. Daddy, there are many more than seventy-five things love about you, these are just a few, the one I really love I saved for last…
I LOVE YOU, Terry Ann

Tracy Taylor
My Turn Your Turn

Tracy is the CEO/Founder of My Turn Your Turn. Founded in 2011, My Turn Your Turn was created to provide positive co-parenting tools, improve communication between co-parents and children, a platform for families to organize dates, expenses and important court documents. Visit our blog today at for more tools and tips on how to be the best co-parent you can be.

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