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The Father / Daughter Wedding Dance.

There are so many milestone moments in a dad’s life. Of course most of those moments are intersected with those of a daughter or son, the first day of school, first touch down, first date, catching that first fish…giving your little girl the Blessing she needs from her dad to start her new life with her husband. The wedding is obviously a HUGE undertaking for the bride, but the father of the bride has some hurdles to jump too, not the least of which is the “Father/Daughter Dance”! Now I haven’t had to do a wedding as a dad….yet, but the guys I’ve talked to all said some of the same things like get ready to tear up! The Father/Daughter dance is that one moment in time sort of thing. You could think of it as your own ever so personal gift to your little girl. This is your chance to be more than just a check and a walk down the isle…although THAT is pretty special too. The Father/Daughter dance, as with all big moments in her life, begs for communication. Your daughter needs to know that with all the stress that she has with planning her wedding, that special dance with you is a no brainer! You are her rock and of course you can help with a suggestion for a song or two but ultimately SHE is the one who will pick her song. It’s how she sees the two of you. If your daughter wants to rock out…be ready to rock out or even rap! if you want to waltz…maybe you can do that later in the night. Laugh..cry…and in the end tell your little girl that you’re proud of her and what a great wife and mother she will be and…you love her. Here are some tips from our friends over at

1. Pick a short, easy song
Talk to your band leader or DJ about finding a song to which your dad can dance. It might be something more of your dad’s era, or just something short and sweet. Don’t worry if the words don’t perfectly sum up your relationship, as long as you’re both comfortable.

2. Keep it low key
There’s no rule that the father/daughter dance has to come at the beginning of the evening when everyone is watching. If you or your dad is nervous, tuck the dance away somewhere when it won’t get quite as much attention. Just make sure to let your photographer know when the dance will be.

3. Talk to your dad
Here’s a question, what if your dad doesn’t even know you’re expecting him to do a father/daughter dance? It may seem obvious to you, but lots of dads are oblivious about the ins and outs of a wedding, if you haven’t talked to your dad about the dance, he might not be expecting it. Make sure to discuss the idea with your dad and get his thoughts.

The web is full of interesting vids of Father/Daughter dances. Take a look at the one here and be flex for her…even a little goofy if she wants.

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  1. Carolyn Barratt says:

    This is very unqunie and I would not have thought of doing this. Very cute and funny.

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