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A Lot Of Dads Are Uncomfortable With This Subject….I Don’t Know Why.

Have you ever had something go really wrong on you?  Just before a big meeting, your pen breaks in your pocket, you’ve been looking for work for months and that one gig you were sure was going to be yours, has just been given to someone else, you’re heading home and blow a tire.  Or how about the opposite, good things seem to happen to everyone else…or something really good happens to you and you wonder…why me?  Ever since I was a young man, I’ve wondered why certain things happen, good and bad.  Of course there’s the biggie…”why am I here” or “…what is my purpose in life?”  These are deep questions that men have considered for centuries.  As a dad, we have to assume that our kids are thinking at least somewhat along these lines from time to time.  If you aren’t comfortable talking about these things…whether you consider yourself a “spiritual” person or not, you should drop the walls and GET comfortable talking about it.  What you believe, what you think is “out there” or whether you don’t think ANYTHING is out there, you should be able to have a discussion about your view and be able to convey and even defend your position.  Your kids should know what makes dad tick.  They should know what you think about life, death, eternity or if you don’t believe anything….and why.  Share with them what you’ve read on the subject…of course at their level of age and understanding.  A dad [passes down traditions, values, memories, physical traits even wealth….why not try to pass on your beliefs and then let your kids decide.  Also, a dad who ponders these deeper things is, once again, setting an example and the groundwork for his kids to dig deeper for meaning in life.  It’s these thoughts…often in the quiet of a peaceful morning or late night or hike in the woods, that will open up a whole new line of conversation between father and son/daughter.  I said all that to say all this, I am getting ready to set out on something I have never done before.  I will be on a 4 day walking pilgrimage.  I will be part of a small group and during the 12 to 15 mile per day walks, we will be silent or in prayer or even discussion.  I DO know what I believe and I am perfectly comfortable talking about my own faith with my friends and family, but when this pilgrimage cam about, I just knew it would be an opportunity for me to dig a little deeper so to speak.  I’m not Reverend Mike, or doctor Mike….I’m just Mike….a dad.  what you believe or don’t believe is your own business, but sharing that view with your kids can only add to your relationship.  My two oldest kids are off on their own and have to come to grips with their own beliefs but I hope by making this walk, my kids are looking up to me and sort of cheering me on and will think deeper about their own existence.

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