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A Drunk Driver Leads To A Dad’s Cause.

Today’s “Radio Dad with Mike Austin” segment, which currently airs on 21 radio stations nationwide (ask your favorite local station to check it out here), is all about a dad who experienced a terrible tragedy…and turned his grief and hurt, even anger, into something positive and I think something his daughter would be proud of.  Mariah Daye McCarthy was tragically killed on October 28, 2007, by an underage driver who had been drinking. At the funeral services Mariah’s father, Leo McCarthy, issued a challenge to the Butte community and especially to Butte’s young people.  Leo asked those kids attending and all other young people to sign an agreement to NOT drink underage and stay out of trouble.

The Mariah Daye McCarthy Scholarship Foundation is dedicated to education and the prevention of underage drinking and driving in Montana. The non–profit organization provides scholarships to students who uphold the foundation’s ideals and supports education, events and dialogue in communities that promote healthy, responsible lifestyles.

I can’t imagine what I would feel or do if I had to deal with the same circumstance that Leo and his family have had to go through.  I’m glad he has set a very noble, heroic and Dadly example.

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