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Which TV Dad Is Your Favorite…OR…Which Would You Like To Be Like?

I recently had the opportunity to hike about 64 miles in 4 1/2 days.  Nothing but men on this trip and one night, around a quickly dying fire, the topic came up of dads on TV.  Soon the conversation came around to our favorite TV dads.  The boomers in the crowd went right for Mr. Cleaver (“Leave it To Beaver”).

Other boomer TV dads were brought up as well, The guy from “The Courtship of Eddie’s Father”  

 and of course Andy Taylor!  It was generally agreed that Sheriff Andy Taylor, played by the late Andy Griffith, was the king of TV dads.  He had an even temper, a warm smile and he was a rock when it came to doing the right thing for his family.

But then, not wanting to just go with the flow, I tried to top ol Andy.  About the only dad I could come up with was Ben Cartwright from “Bonanza” (cue theme song)

I like Ben Cartwright for his strength, evenhandedness, that commanding voice and the fact that from time to time he had to take care of business.  He shares many of the qualities Sheriff Andy Taylor had.

One thing about the TV dads of yesterday, they had intelligence, fairness, toughness a love of family, toughness and moxie!  Where are those qualities on TV today?

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