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Asking The “Second Question”.

There’s a second question to ask. “The Second Question” is that question that goes a bit deeper, makes you think a little more….and generally the answer to “The Second Question” is often more complicated. An example came up recently when I was talking with Vince DiCaro at N.F.I. about how they do what they do.

The Second Question” for The National Fatherhood Initiative comes when we see many folks who, rightly so, want to help children. We see a child in need and we say “…what can we do to help that child?”. It’s a perfect question to ask and it’s the first question. Now, let’s get to the ‘Second Question”….which is, “Why does that child need our help in the first place?”.

When we take a closer look at the situation, often what is found is that the child lacks a stable family.  Many, many times that can be translated to that child needs a loving, involved father. The social ills of our country that we face, especially that involve children….poverty, neglect, crime, bullying, drugs, gangs etc…..often come down to broken families and fathers who have checked out or at the least have been pushed aside because fathers have been labeled as unimportant. Hollywood will tell you that a dad isn’t needed and it’s OK to make a baby without having daddy around except to “donate” and that dads are dumb, beer swilling, football goofs.

The goal of N.F.I. And indeed, here at Radio Dad is to get not just dads but society in general to understand the important role a loving, involved, leading father plays in his kids lives. It seems that society needs to be educated to this fact or should I say re-educated. Also, since we are now looking at an entire generation or two of fathers who have been marginalized, we need to give them the information to become better dads. It seems that many of today’s dads need help being dad.

All this being said, it’s time we take an honest look at our families and decide to place dad in his rightful place as leader of the family. The old saying, “A man’s home is his castle” is true and a dad is King….as long as he isn’t a tyrant. Dads should be celebrated and given all the help they can get.

Mike Austin is dad to 6 children ages 9 to 21 and the host of “Radio Dad with Mike Austin” a podcast, and nationally syndicated radio show about all things fatherhood.

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