Saving The Dog!!!! A Dad-preneur’s Invention makes Him A Hero!

Onyx is the dog of Michael Kitchen and his family.  Like many other dogs, particularly the largeer breeds, Onyx likes to gulp his food.  Unfortunately, that means ol Onyx could experience GDV or Bloat!  This is very dangerous and often deadly!  “Bloat” means basically that the dog’s stomach distends with air and could die!  After witnessing Onyx gulp his food and several close calls, Michael decided to invent a dog dish that would force Onyx to slow down.  he took a tortilla keeper, just like you get at the Mexican restaurant, and 3 wooden dowels and he fashioned a dog dish.  When Michael put Onyx’s food in it….the dog ate slower as he tried to maneuver around the dowels!

Michael Kitchen’s dog bowl launched a family business called “Break-Fast”.  Based out of their home in Virginia, Break-Fast is what American small business and Dad-preneurship is all about!  Michael took the lead to solve a family problem and using his creative power and hard work, created a tool that has now become what his entire family does to make a living!

Since Break-Fast is truly a small, family business, I asked Michael how they do what they do.  he told me that his family literally run their shipping, sales, book keeping…everything out of their kitchen and garage!  Michael said it was obvious from the start that if they were to be serious about their new dog bowl business that he would have to set down rules such as keeping business hours.  When they are working on the business, there is no stopping to watch Dr. Phil or go to the store….it’s work time!

Way to go dad!!!!!

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