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Holiday Time Is A Great Time For Family Game Night!

This is a guest blog I contributed recently to a website for divorced/co-parents.  It’s run by our good friend, Tracy Taylor.

We Austins are a game playin’ bunch. We like to play Monopoly, Chess, various card games, Sharades and we aren’t even adverse to creating our own games from time to time. Games can be a great way for dads, specifically weekend dads, to connect with his children and to really get into their world. Of course, the games played have to be age appropriate. Dad wouldn’t want to throw some heavy Monopoly at a 4 year old. Playing games together helps break any ice that might be there and can create memories that last. You will be an old man in the rocking chair on the porch when your, now adult, son or daughter, says “Dad, remember that time you_________ when we played such and such game…those were good times.”    

If you are separated or divorced, game playing takes on an even more significant role. It gives dads with limited time with the kids, a chance to laugh and show his happier side, a side that they may not have seen. Overall, game playing gives dad a chance to teach his children the importance of rules, healthy competition and fair play. Also, separated or divorced dads are often on a VERY fixed income so game night with the kids is good, cheap fun.

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