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The Effects of the Father – Daughter Relationship on Self-Esteem.

This is a guest post from Ken Jennings.  He contacted us from Guestpost U!  Take a look and respond.

The childhood of anyone greatly affects their adulthood. Most people who have issues in their adult years, whether it is in relationships, happiness, or self esteem, can trace them back to childhood. In particular, women’s self-esteem is greatly affected by the relationship she has with her father. Generally, if a woman has low or poor self esteem, it is often because her father was not around, or was not a good parent. If she has high self esteem, likely that her father was a present and supportive parent. Here’s how this phenomenon breaks down.

Self Image
Studies have shown that a girl with a loving and caring father is more likely to think highly of herself. This will usually manifest in relationships as she becomes an adult, as women who had a great father figure are much more likely to have a better self image. This allows women to enter into healthier and longer relationships.

Most of a girl’s self esteem is developed before they are 12 years old. Any father who wants to have a confident and happy daughter needs to start early. If possible, establish a great relationship with her mother, and be a supportive, loving parent.

Bad Choices
If your daughter was raised to have a positive self image, she is well on her way to making good choices. For instance, developmental specialists have found that girls who have a strong father figure in their lives are less likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol in their youth. This is because these children want to respect the rules of their parents, and they don’t need to seek approval from others by lashing out or experimenting.

Male Attributes
Girls absorb how their father treats their mother. If a father is supportive, loving and fair to his wife, their daughter will notice. Anyone who wants to get their daughter used to the idea of respectful men needs to be respectful in front of their daughters. That way, when she becomes an adult, she will have the expectation that she will be treated with respect. It’s very common for both men and women and to enter into destructive relationships, even if they realize what they are doing, so it’s best to nip this in the bud.

The childhood of a human being is very precious. Issues that start out in ones childhood will manifest for decades to come. It is very important for fathers to realize the seriousness of their role and responsibilities.

Ken Jennings writes about parenting, education and more. His proudest piece is on the top online colleges for religion degrees, a chronicle of his journey helping his daughter earn a BA in religious studies.

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