“Basted Lightly”….How Well Do Your Kids/Family Know You?

     Do your kids know you so well that they could order for you in a restaurant?  This idea came to light recently as our family was out to “Friday Night Fish Fry” (something we try to do at least once a month…yet another tradition).  When I saw someone I knew several tables away, I excused myself and went to say “Hi”.  While I was gone, my wife ordered for me…I usually get the fried catfish, although sometimes I go with the the baked cod or even salmon if it’s available.   When the waitress came, my wife ordered the salmon for me as she felt it was the healthier choice.  However, my daughter remembered that earlier in the day I said I was looking forward to having catfish and that I almost always go catfish….so that’s what was ordered for me.  

     This brings me to my point.  How well does your family, your kids, know you and your tastes?  do they know your favorite dish, favorite movie, favorite team, favorite color?  The idea here is that you know them and they totally know you, not because you dictate you wants and needs, but because you have been an open book, you have let your crew into your inner sanctum.  Also, when your children know you so well, it gives them stability.  They know what to expect from you. 

    My own father has been gone for many years, but still, when we get together as a family, we often talk about meals together, having breakfast in a restaurant when on vacation or when dad would make us all breakfast.   If dad was making eggs and bacon (which was most of the time he made eggs), he would first fry up a mess of bacon and place the greasy meat on a paper toweled plate. Then he would fry his eggs in the left over, hot bacon fat. “Basted Lightly” is the way dad liked his eggs and the way he would order them in a restaurant. I always liked the fact that I knew exactly what my dad would say when ordering his eggs and the waitress asked “…and how would you like your eggs?” “Basted lightly” was the never changing comeback. In a small, strange way, it made me feel like I was in dad’s inner circle, like he and I knew the best way for eggs to be served and the waitress was not allowed to know the secret until my dad uttered those two magic words that only we knew….”Basted lightly”. Basting with bacon fat is simply splashing the hot grease over the egg so that the grease cooks the top of the egg while giving it that smokey flavor. This cannot be the healthiest way to make and eat eggs…..but, c’mon, when your mouth is treated to the taste of bacon on anything….it’s like a little slice of hog heaven.  

     So how well do your kids know your tastes  and what IS your favorite way to eat eggs?  Just curious.  Respond here and let’s see how many different egg recipes or “dadly” breakfast stories there are!



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