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From “Mom & Pop Shops” to “Wussification”….Here’s The Latest Podcast!

Welcome to the new year and a brand new schedule of “Radio Dad” podcasts and videos!  We will be posting a new podcast at the end of each week and a new “Radio Dad” video at least once a month.  We have plans to do some Skype, video interviews at our studios this year too.  If you have any suggestions for topics, guests, video subjects or anything else, please just let us know!  Here is our first podcast of 2013.  In this episode, Mike Austin talks with Peter Moore from Men’s Health Magazine about what Mike calls the “wussification” of today’s men & dads.  Next it’s a favorite subject, SMAL BUSINESS!  Mike interviews small business expert Robert Spector, author of the book “Mom & Pop Store, How The Unsung Heros of The American Economy Are Surviving and thriving”.  Thanks for listening!



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