Dad Sends His Son’s “Thomas” To The Edge Of Space!

In talking about great dad stories from 2012, on the radio, I mentioned a video made by a very creative and inventive (not to mention loving) dad who gave his son a lifetime memory by making a viral video.  What I forgot to do was actually post the link here….oops.  Here at Radio Dad we are busy working on some exciting things for 2013 including more of our own videos and a more regular podcast.  If you have suggestions for topics or guests who fit into celebrating, enjoying, shining the spotlight on fatherhood…or can help other dads, let us know and we will follow up.  Of course, tell your friends and by all means look us up on your local radio station and if they don’t currently carry Radio Dad (it’s FREE to them), call and ask them.  I thank you for being part of the Radio Dad experience.   And now…here’s that video…

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