“That’s The Ticket” Game Helps Families…not just dads.

It’s fun to play family games….not the psychological mind games some families “play”, but real games like Monopoly!  It’s even better if the game can teach a lesson.  I have found that Monopoly really helps my kids with their math skills.  Kevin McMahon is a writer and a game inventor…who didn’t set out to BE a game inventor!  Kev’s family loved family game night and one day Kevin hit upon the idea to use a family game to inspire his son to do better in many things from making his bed in the morning to banking!!!  Thus was born “That’s The Ticket“.


Dads pick the top 5 areas they would like to see their kids improve.  Then dad can customize the game board to fit those needs.  For instance, finish your homework before watching TV.  Every time that is done, Kev’s son wins 10 tickets.  Ahhh but if the task ISN’T done, the child loses tickets and has to “pay” the dad!  Now, the tickets are used as “kid money” if he wants to say…watch an hour of TV…he “buys” it with the tickets he has accumulated from doing good.  Take a look at Kevin’s website and see if it can help you!



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