NEW!!!! Radio Dad Podcast (March 2013)

Welcome back to the Radio Dad podcast!  It is the goal here to post a podcast on a more regular basis……perhaps twice a month… far, I haven’t been able to make that happen.  I will!  Thanks for being part of our Radio Dad family and tell your friends!

In this episode, we have our very first Radio Dad/National Fatherhood Initiative Movie Review!!!!  Vince DiCaro from NFI and I have been taling about doing movie reviews of films that feature dads and in what light those dads are shown.  Today we take a look at the new animated feature film, “The Croods” from DreamWorks. Vince is my first guest in this podcast and we’ll see if the dad in “The Croods” is a goofy caveman or a caring, leading….albeit hairy caveman.



Next, it’s another “Dad-preneuer”!  I ran into a guy who was doing some work for us on our dinning room chairs….and he just happens to own and run his dad’s & GRAND dad’s business.  So take a listen and again THANKS for downloading…..I’d really like to hear what you think or the podcast and your thoughts about my guests!


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