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RADIO DAD podcast for MAY (Dealing With Disaster & “Home Run” The Movie)

Welcome back to the “Radio Dad with Mike Austin podcast”  In this latest podcast Mike Austin discusses how a dad can and should take the lead in helping his kids feel safe in times of disaster….natural or man made. As details continue to unfold about the Boston bombing, we watch flood waters rise and every day, in the news, we see and hear about tragedy and disaster.  Thanks to the 24 hour news cycle, internet, smartphone news widgets, etc…we can’t escape the news of disaster, and a dad is in the front lines of defense when it comes to his children and what they see and analyze about events.

As Mike’s guest,Greg Keer from familymanonline,  puts it, “we are built for this”.

Next it’s an interview with our friend Vince DiCaro, from the Natl. Fatherhood Initiative. Mike & Vince talk about a new movie out in limited distribution called “Home Run”.  Just in time for baseball season! It’s about a major league ball player with some issues (don’t we all have ’em) and how he comes to view his fatherhood and resolve his personal problems. All in all a good, dadly movie and we give it 7 bowls of popcorn.  ENJOY!


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