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Being A Dad Can Be Magic….check these guys out!

I just found out about this show on Disney and these two dads.  I have not seen this show but from the video on the Disney site, it looks fantastic.  The vid about dads being able to do magic is wonderful!  As a kid, I was always smitten with trying to perform magic. I remember getting a deck of “TV Magic Cards” in my stocking one Christmas.  I think I wore those cards out and the tricks were very simple so that when the whole family came for Christmas dinner, I was able to do a couple of tricks as if I had been at it all my life!  Of course, the most basic dad/magic trick is the ol “pull a quarter out of your ear thing”.  I still perform that one….love it!  My kids will often ask me to do a magic trick and over the years I have learned a few that I can do fairly well.  If you can, go visit a magic shop and pick up a couple of easy to learn slight of hand tricks and maybe a “cut the rope” thing or two.  Dads should be fun and performing magic in many different ways….from turning a small child into a grown, productive, well adjusted adult….to pulling a quarter out of someone’s ear.  Good on you Disney Dads.

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