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Being Dad To A Young Adult.

When your son becomes an adult he is his own man.  Every man wants to be independent, make his own decisions and his own mistakes.  Once your son is his own man, your job isn’t finished.  Think back to when you first spread your wings and flew out of the nest.  Were you completely on your own or did you go off to college or a job and still come home from time to time where mom would do your laundry and give you a home cooked meal and dad would help you work on your car.  I remember coming home almost every weekend (about 1 1/2 hours away) and getting a “care package” from mom & dad including food and supplies like duct tape.  My own, oldest son, David, will be 22 in a few months.  He is off on his own and is a welder….when I first started “Radio Dad” he was only about 8 years old….how time does fly!

Me & David out to eat

My son, David and me, out on the town, grabbing some dinner at my favorite Irish Pub.

Your style of being a dad changes and morphs over the years.  As your kids grow you are forced to let go a little more with every year.  Part of that growing process is usually, at least a little, butting of heads.  The lion and his cub sometimes fight.  But when it’s all said and done, you’re still dad and he’s still your son.  Communication, as with most things, is very key.  If you let him know that you have his best interests in mind and there is absolutely nothing he can do that will make you love him any less, he will generally come around and sometimes you just have to agree to disagree.  Let him make his mistakes, and be there for when he falls.  If your son does ask for advice, give it, then back off…he may take it…or he may not.

One thing that is very tough is the guilty feelings you may get when your adult children make mistakes.  Never let yourself fall into the pity party of ” Oh where did I go wrong?”…hey dad, if you did your best, provided for them, were there for them, listened, and helped…you didn’t “go wrong”!  Just make sure your young adults know they still have and always will have a rock solid base they can steady themselves on when things get a little unsure in life.





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