“Sacrifice” Is What Makes A Great Dad….watch this vid!

I was having dinner with a group of friends recently and the conversation turned to…of course, fatherhood. These particular people were not dads and a bit younger than I. One young lady said she had a hard time finding a “good man” and was hoping to be married someday soon in order to start a family. “Good man”, said one guy, “they’re everywhere…I know a lot of nice guys…I’ll set you up.” Laughs all around the table and I said I thought she was looking for more than just a “nice guy” and that to be a husband and a father, a man needed to be willing to sacrifice. “..hmmm…explain” asked the guy next to me. So I said, it’s a spirit of giving of yourself for the good of those you love. Being a dad is giving up the poker night just to stay home and play Monopoly with your family or working a job you don’t like in order to put food on the table. As the conversation went on I think it all started to make sense and I ended with, “It’s chivalry really….those knights in shining armor were more than just nice guys and polite. Chivalry is a code of ethics and conduct…sacrifice.”

Copy and paste the address below and watch this video and listen to the narration by the young lady and then let’s all take a good look at ourselves and how we live OUR lives. This guy is a GREAT dad.


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