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Vote For The Best “Dadly” TV Commercial of 2013

Here at Radio Dad, we are proud of our affiliation with the National Fatherhood Initiative.  Now and then NFI hands out various awards.  It’s now time for the annual “Fatherhood Commercial of the Year” award.  There are 5 commercials that have been nominated. While it’s important to point out when our culture & media in particular are doing damage to fatherhood and the image of dads through bad, less than flattering depictions of dads, it’s even better if we can shine the spotlight on those brands who “get it”…the ones who see fatherhood as the noble, leadership, truly manly calling that it is!

Click the Facebook link to see this year’s commercials and then vote for your favorite.  Vote once per day  for your favorite fatherhood commercial! The video with the most votes by midnight (EST) of Sunday 11/3/13 will receive NFI’s “Fatherhood Commercial of the Year” award!   These five commercials represent what we believe is “right” about how the culture and the media can build up fatherhood and help us in our work to ensure that every child has a 24/7 Dad™.

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