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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all you dads…and even moms who tune in each day on our 21 affiliates, read our blog (which will be more regular in 2014) and generally who support what we do here at “Radio Dad”.  This has been a labor of love and continues to be a labor of love and sometimes penance for several years.  In 2014 we plan to grow our audience and to introduce a few products in our new “Dad-tastic” brand.  My book, “Slumgullion” is currently being edited and I plan to offer it through our website,, and at various speaking engagements I hope to book in 2014.  My very heartfelt thanks to all who continue to hold the flame of fatherhood high.  Keep doing what you’re doing, dad….assuming you’re doing the right things.  Remember you are the king of a castle and to rule it with love, fairness, compassion, dedication, humility, fidelity and a spirit of sacrifice.  Happy New Year!

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