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The Radio Dad podcast !!!! (January/Feb)

It’s the first “Radio Dad” podcast of the new year!  Our thanks to you for checking out Radio Dad for our blog and occasional podcasts. We have decided to recommit to a more regular schedule of helpful, DADLY information to you through this blog and a monthly, regular podcast! If you have a guest you think would fit into our podcast, please contact us and tell us the story.

In this first episode of 2014, Mike Austin interviews Daniel Steenerson about dads who truly WANT to be in business and become “Dad-preneuers”, but may not have the skills to make their idea a reality. Many guys have dream or invention idea or business goal, but their stuck as to how to move forward. Daniel tells how to take a look at yourself and ask the hard questions…AND how to get the skills and answers you may need.

Next, a very interesting interview with Roland Warren, former CEO of the National Fatherhood Initiative and author of the book, “Bad Dads of the Bible” (a provocative title huh?). Before you get all ‘…oh brother…Mike’s getting’ all religious on us’, give the interview a listen. Roland has some practical advice for today’s problems…and guess what…the same stuff you deal with today, as a dad, the dads in the Bible had to as well! Thanks for tuning in to The Radio Dad podcast!

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