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24/7 Dad To Go eBook: Tips for Raising Healthy Kids.

A child without a dad at home is two times more likely to suffer obesity.

This is just one statistic that illustrates the effect of fatherlessness.  Our friends at The National Fatherhood Initiative help us hold up the standard of good, noble fatherhood.  In that cause, they have published the first in a series of eBooks designed to give you the tools to be a better dad!  DON’T WORRY ABOUT THE PRICE!!!!!….it’s REALLY cheap!

Dad, you can change your life and your child’s. tips4raisinghealthykids

Research shows father absence effects children emotionally and physically. The effect of father absence is generational. Children who learn inappropriate fathering and parenting replicate their experiences with their own children.

This eBook is designed for dads who:

  • want to live healthy and
  • raise healthy kids.

We teach you the tips and tools for:

  • getting and staying physically and mentally healthy,
  • raising healthy kids, and
  • leading your family in a healthy lifestyle.

Any father can lead his family in a healthy lifestyle – starting today!

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