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A Dad’s Bravery In The Face of Heartbreak.

When I became a dad, I knew that at some point I may be called on to stir up courage, steadfastness, emotion and many other things I hoped I would be able to do.  Somehow when we know that a little life is coming into the world, and that life is pulsing with family blood, we stand tall and persevere….it’s our duty.

The story that has unfolded in Vancouver, Canada is one of bravery, heartbreak and over whelming joy all at the same time.  When Dylan Benson’s wife, Robyn, was declared brain dead, in December, from a cerebral hemorrhage, she was 22 weeks pregnant with the couple’s baby boy.  Next came the first, gut wrenching, act of bravery.  Dylan wanted the doctors to keep her alive, on support systems, so that his small, under-developed son, could have a chance at life.

On Saturday night, February 8th, little ( and I DO mean little) Iver Cohen Benson was born into a loving family…..and shortly after Dylan Benson had to say good-bye to his wife and mother of his new son.  I can’t imagine the emotion that must have been surging through Dylan’s heart.  When the doctor hands your first born over to you, it’s with a dad’s loving, sometimes shaking, arms that a small life is cuddled and nurtured….but most always AFTER the baby is placed on his mother’s warm, loving chest and held as only a mother can.  In Iver’s case  things were different, and he won’t fully understand what a miracle and special life he is until years from now.

Iver was born at just 28 weeks in the womb and weighed only just over 2 pounds.  I think it’s only with the prayers and strength of his loving mother and strong, caring father that he is here.  Iver is not out of the woods yet but with parents like that, I know he’ll do well….now he has a VERY SPECIAL soul looking out for him.  Dylan wrote on his blog, “I miss robyn more than words can explain.  I could not be more impressed with he strength, and I am so loch to have known her…she will live on forever within Iver, and in my heart.”

Dylan & his son now face unbelievable medical bills and have set up a site if you’d like to help.

 In this photo, Dylan is seen holding his tiny son who is still fighting with tubes and wires attached.


CLICK HERE TO GO DYLAN’S BLOG        *********Dylan's pic 2

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