“Honor” In The Evidence…..Are You An Honorable Dad?

“Honor”, it’s a word that sometimes seems to have little meaning in the world today.  If you read anything from a century or more ago, you’ll often see the word “Honor” used when talking about a man.  Shakespeare wrote:  “Mine honor is my life; both grow in one; Take honor from me, and my life is done.”



Our friends over at “The Art of Manliness” blog wrote: “Honor lost was manhood lost. (…In past centuries), because honor was such a central aspect of a man’s masculine identity, men would go to great lengths to win honor and prevent its loss.”  We sometimes hear of a “Code of Honor” which is that what a group must live up to in order to maintain respect….a code of conduct.  Dads are meant to be honorable men, that is to say worthy of being honored, respected, confided in, trusted, looked up to.  But, this is not to say that a dad can create his own honor.  A man who seeks out his own honor in order to gain that respect is simply acting out of pride and vanity which is, unfortunately what we see a lot of today.  Dads, in particular have lost the true sense of a man’s honor to the point that he fails to hand down this concept to his children.  Outside of the military, police, fire & rescue personal, “Honor” is rarely used as a motivation.

“Honor” is so important that being honored is even in The Ten Commandments- ” Honor Thy Father & Mother”.  On the other hand, a dad should act in such a way that he is worthy of being honored and he should never break that trust given to him. Ways a dad should act in order to be truly worthy of honor would be:  keeping his word, staying true to his vows, leading his family with his family in how he conducts his life and a dad or ANY man is honored when he DEFENDS someone else’s honor (particularly a woman) who is worthy of honor.  These are all noble words and deeds but can sometimes be very tough to live by.

I was struck by the integrity and yes, HONOR that this gentleman showed when he defied a court of law in order to live up to a promise.  Watch this video and then think deeply about how you live your life.  Are you holding up your title of “Dad” in an Honorable way.


At what lengths would YOU go to guard your honor or the honor of someone else or a promise you’ve made?  We all have daily challenges that pull us away from being or remaining honorable men and in the world today, “honor” is not modeled for us…it’s not set as a high standard in a public way or taught by upright dads to their children through words and actions and so “Honor” isn’t recognized or it’s even mocked when we see it and can be elusive and turn into pride when it’s sought after.



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