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A Musical Tribute From A Dad To His Son….”Cowboy”

A couple of years ago I had a guest on “Radio Dad” who had written an entire CD worth of music about being a father.  Allen Krehbiel’s “Heart of a Dad” is a moving tribute to dads and from dads.  Now you might think that a last name like “Krehbiel” isn’t exactly star material but even there, Allen tips his hand to how he feels about fatherhood…..I like how Allen himself puts it:

Yes, I understand that “Krehbiel” isn’t the best name for promotion of a music artist, but I do the best I can with what my Dad gave me.  It’s pronounced “Kray’-bull” (like table, stable, able…), and I’m proud of it!

Allen K


Allen’s CD, “Heart of a Dad”,  is 10 songs with titles like, “I Want To Be There Then”, “Stay Young” & “More Like A Dad”.  Allen is a devoted dad and a very talented guitar player/singer and his newest song, “Cowboy”, I’ll admit, choked me up a bit.  It reminds me of my own two boys (grin) one is now a man and 22 years old.  With Father’s Day not that far off, I highly recommend this CD as a unique gift from the family to dad OR from one dad to another.  Here is Allen’s video for “Cowboy”…..enjoy.  Please watch and listen and write a response below.



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