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A Touching Act of a Dying Dad For His Girls.

I’m up early on this Saturday morning.  It’s quiet outside as the sun has just come up and it looks like a beautiful, sunny day.  It’s getting to be “Wedding Season” when many young ladies will take the hand of a young man who, hopefully, will someday become a great dad.  Have you ever looked at your little girl(s) and wondered, “Am I going to be here for them on that special day?”.  Life is so very fleeting.  We get caught up in our daily worries, chores, and appointments, we don’t stop to think that this very day…..could be our last.  I was just looking at some Youtube videos over my coffee and came across this one.  This man gave of himself all his life, it’s obvious.  What he gave to his daughters is priceless.  Watch this dad….and slow down and appreciate your family and all you have.

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