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Fishing Has NO Boundaries….Especially For This Dad & Daughter Duo!

It’s a “Radio Dad Road Trip”….our mic in on the road….and we found a daughter who loves to fish with her dad…..a a purpose in mind!

I LOVE to go fishing….especially with my children.  
There’s nothing quite like a dad and his kids, a couple of poles….and a little pond, stream, lake….even ocean!  I was on the road recently and made a stop at a small, out of the way boat dealer just to look around and dream of me and the family out on our giant pontoon with unlimited bait and the big ones biting!  That’s when I started talking with a young lady who said she loves to go fishing with her dad….only they take a bunch of other folks along….and those folks happen to be disabled and can’t get out there on their own.  It’s a program called : FISHING HAS NO BOUNDARIES

Listen to this Radio Dad segment below and find out what Tammy (my guest) has learned from her dad and what they do together…’s inspiring.  Click the link above to find all about this fantastic fishing experience….and perhaps how you and your kids can get involved!


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