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The Loss of a Hollywood Icon Could Open a Whole New Door…..

There has always been a generation gap.  Dads and kids just don’t see eye to eye on music, technology, TV, movies.  But, if you look, there are times when that gap can get just a bit smaller and open the door for more communication and appreciation.  We lost a Hollywood icon a couple of weeks ago.  Actor, James Garner died at the age of 86.  If you’re 35 or younger, you might only remember James Garner as the “old guy” in that movie, “The Notebook”.  But, James Garner was around for a long time.  I remember him as Jim Rockford in “The Rockford Files” on TV in the ’70’s or even as “The Scrounger”, one of the prisoners along side Steve McQueen in one of the greatest movies, “The Great Escape”.  My dad would have forever thought of James Garner as “Maverick”, a sort of smiling, playboy, riverboat gambler on TV in the 1950’s.

This brings me to a way to bridge the generation gap.  You can find just about any old TV show on Youtube, Hulu, Netflix, etc..  I enjoy sitting with my kids and watching old TV shows from my own youth…..and the kids have told me they like it too, in fact, they can tell you which Andy Griffith character they like most and we use the old, “Good Night John Boy” line from “The Waltons” when they go to bed at night.

So with the passing of James Garner, why not sit down and take in an episode or two of “Maverick” or “The Rockford Files”.  What else….”Starsky & Hutch” , “The Brady Bunch”?  I think you could take a whole afternoon looking at old TV shows and talking about how you watched them and what made them good.  We just watched that movie, “The Great Escape” and I explained that it was based on a true story from WWII, which led to stories about their Grandfather, my dad, and his WWII escapades.

Don’t let it end there, just as with music, talk about TV today as opposed to when you were a kid and what you like and dislike….and listen to your kid’s thoughts as well.  RIP James Garner.

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