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The NEW “Radio Dad” Podcast- August 2014= “The Fire Challenge” & “Glad To Be Dad”

Thanks for joining us for the August edition of  “The Radio Dad Podcast”.  In this episode, Mike Austin talks with the Chair of Psychology at U.C. San Diego, Dr. Jay Gied, about a disturbing “game” young pre-teen & teen boys….and some adults are playing called “THE FIRE CHALLENGE”.  Young boys are setting themselves on fire in the name of proving they are tough.  Instead proving they are misguided, NOT guided or just dumb!  What is a dad to do?  TALK ABOUT IT!

Next, it’s the Radio Dad Road Trip.  Mike was on the road and stopped at a boat dealership where he ran into a young woman who takes handicapped people out to fish along with her dad.  It’s is all part of a nation wide movement called “Fishing Has No Bounderies” and in this brief and random interview you’ll learn about this rewarding experience…..and maybe want to get involved.

Fishing Has No Bounderies Finally, Mike talks with professional story teller, author, Tim Myers about his new book “Glad To Be Dad”.  Tim explains the benefits of telling and actually making up bedtime stories for you children and discusses his book about the positive effects on a man when he really understands his role as dad.

Glad to Be Dad cover (small)

Thanks for tuning in for this 28 minutes of DADLYNESS!!!!  Please tell your friends!


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