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MERRY CHRISTMAS From The “Radio Dad” Family To Yours

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!  As we prepare to spend some Holiday time with our families, let me take this time to say that I hope your Christmas is full of laughter, memories and peace.  It’s easy to let Christmas fall into the world of presents, egg nog, wine and food…and then, once the actual day is over, everything becomes just a mess to clean up, another present to return.  This Christmas let’s take time to slow down (we say that every year, but do we really do it?) and celebrate the birth of Christ (Christ’s Mass).  If you are fortunate enough to be a dad who has his family around himself, then be thankful and perhaps remember those dads who are separated from family.  Dads of divorce, those serving in the military, those who’ve lost family members in the past year, those dads will mark this time alone.  Presents are great, but they are even better when a dad can stop and enjoy the wonder and excitement in his children’s eyes when they see those presents.  Wine and egg nog is best enjoyed with family and good friends in a moderate way.  Food is best at Christmas when it’s made with love and enjoyed with a laugh and a story of the tradition behind those foods.  Dads should be the ones to lead the way by example.  MERRY CHRISTMAS  from our house to yours.

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