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It’s a New Year….Take a Few New Risks.

Every Monday on our Radio Dad radio segment, it’s “Dad-preneur Monday” in which I spotlight a dad who has started a business to support his family or has taken over a family business.  Folks who stick their neck out and walk a treacherous path of owning a business are the backbone of America!  The days of being secure in a good paying, steady job have been over for years.  That’s not to say that you can’t find a few companies where you could start at an entry level and by hard work and skill, work your way to better positions over a period of years, save your money, and retire near your children and grand children who will then watch over you in your old age, just as you watched over them when they were young……but I think it’s rare.  I have a friend who just last night was told he was being let go after 23 years!  The company he worked for was sold recently and the new owners are streamlining and cutting costs (they were a lean operation to begin with).

The main job of being a dad is to set an example for his kids.  Hard work, kindness, firmness, love, fortitude, gratitude, humility…these are a few of the qualities a dad should exude for his children and his entire family.  It’s hard to show a good example when your very financial future and professional identity is in the hands of someone else.  That’s why, I think, dads should always have a side gig…something you’re good at which you can use to fall back upon or even to take and build your own business.


My father always was good with the building trades (roofing, framing, electrical, brick laying… name it) and he always had some handyman type project going.  Even though he didn’t have an “official” business, he always had our names printed on the side of his pickup truck as if we DID and he would very often take me on these jobs with him and give me some menial task to perform…and then pay me a few bucks!

Voice Actor, On Camera Talent, Model for - TV / radio / narration/ gaming / on-hold...ANYTHING!


In addition to Radio Dad, I am a voice actor.  I produce audio  books, commercials, jingles and just about anything that can be recorded ( .  All the while hosting a morning radio show for a family owned broadcasting company.  Being behind a microphone is just about ALL I’ve ever done….and I am passionate about it.  I subscribe to a couple of voice over industry newsletters and blogs, recently there was a post about sticking your neck out and trying new things:

To succeed at anything you must risk.  You have to stick your neck out – often farther than you might have ever imagined.
This is true for every take, every performance, every promotion, you name it… it’s true in life!  Think about it. Everything you ever accomplished came about because you ventured outside of your comfort zone. Every goal you ever attained was achieved because you took a risk. You took a chance. Nothing worthwhile has ever come about from playing it safe.  Sometimes you have to take a wild flying leap from 8,000 feet directly into a Dixie cup to succeed. All your best laid plans will demand this element be included, whether you do or not. Besides the only thing that comes from playing it safe is seclusion, and you can succeed at that all by your lonesome. But who wants to be lonesome?

Get out there and mix it up! Granted there’s no guarantee you’ll succeed. You may win, or you may end up a bug on a windshield. Nevertheless, you’ll discover you’ve survived, and often far better than you might have ever expected. But you have to dive in and take a chance. This is how we build trust in ourselves. Confidence can’t be developed any other way.  Besides, it makes life a great deal more interesting!

It’s a new year dad!  The best time to try a new venture and put your best forward for your family is and always has been….NOW!!


Mike Austin - dark jacket & t shirt Mike Austin is dad to 6 children and the owner/host of “Radio Dad with Mike Austin”.  Mike is a voice and on camera   actor producing and appearing in commercials, audio books, jingles and industrial videos.  He can be reached at

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