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Radio Dad- podcast for January 2015

Welcome to the new podcast of the new year!  Coach Walt Hameline is a very successful football coach at Wagner College on Staten Island, NY.  Coach Hameline is also a very successful dad with 2 daughters, one of which just got married….and there is where the story starts.  Yes, dads will do just about anything to make their daughters happy….even rescheduling a college football game!  Mike Austin has a comical chat with coach Hameline about his sacrifice for his daughter. Now after 34 years, and a school record 223 victories, coach is retiring….we wish him all the best!

Coach Hameline and his family






Next, it’s “Six Ways to Raise & Nurture a Young Entrepreneur”.  Mike talks with John Hope Bryant, CEO of Operation Hope which provides financial literacy for youth through programs and books.  Mr. Bryant gives some very good and practical advice for dads to inspire and guide a business mind in their children.  This interview will open your eyes to some interesting stats and observations you haven’t thought of!  John is also the author of the book, “How The Poor Can Save Capitalism”.

John Bryant's book

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