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Radio Dad podcast (February 2015)- It’s A Food Episode!

This month’s Radio Dad podcast is a “foodie” episode……sort of.  As you may know, I think very highly of dads in business….”dad-preneurs”.  In fact we spotlight a dad-preneur every Monday on the radio show.  In this episode of the Radio Dad podcast I chat with a dad-preneur who named his company after his daughter.  Lilly B’s is a gluten free line of healthy foods including chicken nuggets (which we fist found in the grocery store and tried….LOVE ‘EM).  The interesting thing about Lilly B’s is the family friendly packaging.  Listen to the interview to find out how Lilly B’s is bringing families together.

Leaders book

Next, it’s a talk with Ryan Sanders from The National Fatherhood Initiative about a new book called “Leaders Eat Last”.  Imagine a world where almost everyone wakes up inspired to go to work, feels trusted and valued during the day, then returns home feeling fulfilled. In his review of the book, Ryan notes the author’s analysis of great leaders and how the military guys, the generals, the leaders would always eat AFTER his men ate.  Ryan draws comparisons with those leaders and dads….leaders of the family.  it all comes down to , great leaders lead by example and they are willing to always sacrifice for those they lead.



* Rob Holland gives an overview of his company.

* How to get your kids to eat good food.

* Rob discusses the reasoning behind their unique packaging.

* Mike Austin talks about a favorite movie in which leadership is shown.

* Ryan Sanders talk about the new book, “Leaders Eat Last”.

*  The comparison between a good General and a good Dad.

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