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Radio Dad – podcast episode for April 2015

****Listen to the podcast below*****

When was the last time you saw or stopped into a “Full Servce” gas station?  We found one….and it’s run by a GREAT dad and his family.  It’s another “Radio Dad Road Trip”.  Join us in this podcast as we chat with Casey Burns, owner of “Burns’ Full Service” about how he got into the gas business and his 2 sons make a guest appearance.  First, we explore the world of bedtime stories and pajamas.  Our dadpreneur/inventor, Juan Murdock,  came up with a high tech way to get your kids to listen to a bedtime story with, PAJAMAS THAT TALK!!

Next, have you ever wondered why pretzels come in that twisty shape?  Well there’s a meaning behind that specific, pretzel shape and we talk with Amy Zender-Grossi of The Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth, Michigan, about the story of the pretzel, how to make them and their unique pretzel classes.

Pretzel making

And we close with our talk with Casey Burns at his family’s full service gas station….you can even hear the “ding” in the background as cars run over the trip wire! (remember that?)  ENJOY!!!

Show Highlights:

Juan Murdock, realtor, inventor & father of 6.  What are “Smart PJ’s”.

How do “Smart PJ’s” help with the father/child bonding experience?

Pajamas with a QR code.

A brief history of PRETZELS!

How did pretzels get their shape?

Is a fresh, soft, hot pretzel more authentic?

Yes, there really are a few “full service” gas stations around…..remember Gomer Pyle?

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  1. I love the idea of talking PJs! I wish they had been around when my kids were younger. We loved to read stories to them, but they were always the same ones over and over again…

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