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Mike Austin
has been a radio personality and voice actor for over 30 years. He has also appeared on camera in several commercials, industrial and web videos.   He is the father to 6 children, ages 10 to 21 (David age 21 and Monika age 19, Maria age 14, Therese age 13, Joseph age 11 and Anna age 10) and has experienced much in the way of fatherhood.  Mike & Lisa are also the owners of a production company called Austintatious Productions creating custom radio jingles and commercials, on-hold messages and, most recently, audio books!


Mike Austin’s sense of humor comes through often while treating more serious subjects with the gentle voice of a caring dad. From new dads, to grand-dads, if the subject is fatherhood, Mike covers it with expert guests, authors, celebrities and sports figures. If you would like to contact Mike about the”Radio Dad” daily feature or anything else….you can contact Mike here.

RADIO DAD” is a daily, 2 minute radio feature, heard nationwide! We talk about everything that has to do with fatherhood! In addition we produce a VLOG with tips on being a great dad! Fan us on Facebook too! We talk to insightful experts, well-known sports figures, authors….and we have a lot of fun! CLICK HERE TO HEAR SAMPLES DEMO CLIPS and be sure to check out our archived Show PODCASTS here!

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