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It’s Episode # 13…. The latest “Father Life with Mike Austin” podcast features another “Dad-preneur”. This time it’s David Andrews creator of the i-phone app. “Super Baby Tracker”….then a little blurb about some front office changes at The Father Life….then it’s on to an interview with financial guru, Marlena Jareaux talking about her new book that deals with the lack of financial teaching in school and the importance of a Dad teaching his kids with words and example!….
Finally I got around to producing another episode…IT’S SHOW # 14. First a chat with the CEO of The National Center for Fathering, Carey Casey on his book and program, “Championship Fathering” GOOD STUFF! Then it’s on to another great parenting, I-Phone APP. called “Baby Brain”. It’s the ‘brain’ child of Jackie Ashton and her husband….ENJOY!
EPISODE #15! we begin with a…Dad-preneuer! Here’s a guy…Mark Benhard who, along with his best friend (also a dad) created a store/bakery that gives parents an opportunity to come in and design & bake their own giant cookies! It’s called ‘Kookie krazy” and the families get more than just cookies…they get time together having some unique fun! Next it’s our friend, Greg Keer on an article and blog he wrote dealing with new dads who feel “useless”! Enjoy!
Episode #10 Interview with Mike Baush from Discover about their new “Current Card” …also…”Gotta Get Me One of Them” – a shoe phone!…then…interview with Stacie Cockerall of “Babyproofing Your Marriage” (it’s not what you might think!)
Episode # 11 – Interviews with Broc & Ryan Raiford “Extreme Freestyle BMX bike rider and his dad…PLUS…Wayne Lavine fromo (Hold On To Your N.U.T.S.)
It’s Episode # 12! The latest “Father Life with Mike Austin” podcast is about “Dad-preneuers”. Our first segment is with Patrick white who invented the “Socket-Lock It”. these are a revolution in wall socket covers. A quick mention of a very cool TV show on Spike then it’s on to our friend Brett McKay from “The Art of Manliness”. His is one of the fastest growing blogs/communities for men and dads!
Episode # 8 – Interview w/ Vince diCaro (NFI’s Military Fatherhood Award) – Nat. Geo. Ultimate Factories – Interview w/ Peter Moore (Men’s Health Mag., Obama as dad)
Episode #9 – Interview with Simon van Kempen from Bravo Network’s “Real Housewives of New York City”…and…interview with new Grandfather Mike O’Brien (he’s funny)
Episode #7 – Interview with Greg Keer from – “Gotta Get Me One Of THem” – interview with my son, David, the fighter!
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Episode #6